About me

Welcome to space where I share “WHAT I WISH TO SHARE” with you in creative entrepreneurship and photography!
My name is Shanghwan, born and raised in Malaysia.
I’m a photographer and entrepreneur.

Here’s my journey (Gonna be grandmother story):

I started as a professional wedding photographer, together with my business partner (Makeup by Cheng), we launched Celestial Gallery.
We served wedding couples from Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore.

Later, I ventured into portrait photography.
Had the opportunity to shoot the portrait for clients like artist, brands, corporate leaders, entrepreneur, and peoples with stories.

Since 2016, I’m on a mission.
Be a speaker and trainer to conduct talks and workshops in different occasions by sharing my experience and journey in growing my company in creative business. As well, to discover the upcoming talent who can be potential working together as a team.

Contact me at shanghwanprod@gmail.com

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