How did I fail BRANDING at the beginning

Should I build the business on my name? or company name?

This is a something I did struggles in the inception of my career.
Are you facing these? Take few minutes to read through my personal experience and I hope it can give you a SHINE in mind.
Branding Consultant - Bryan Chen
Portrait for Branding expert – Bryan Chen

How it fails at the beginning:
I only knew that I need to create a website and a facebook page to kick start my business, so I created Shanghwan photography in the first place and later when my business officially registered Celestial Gallery appeared.
Two in one belt, here’s where all struggles begin.
From personal branding to company branding switching back and forth, whenever
“… works better for current market trend.”
“… getting more LIKES here.”

or even sometimes when there’s a new opinion given from the third person “I think you should do this..” and I made the switch immediately without thinking twice.

As a result, neither one success and confusing the audience even sometimes I feel confused too.

The key mistake from the past:

1. NO direction
At the beginning, I have no idea what’s branding all about and never really have a proper planning or not even know what’s my end goal. Is always best to do a deep brainstorming to identify the business nature and what do you really want. Before everything shapes up.

2. It’s impossible to get A cab driver to teach you how to fly a plane
Go seek advice from the related expert or even your mentor. After all the silly, besides putting effort study myself, I also went to Bryan Chen the branding guy to seek for his advice.

3. Being inconsistent
Consistent is the KEY, if you’ve set the plan, STICK with it. It’s alright to make a minor tweak, but definitely not out of the game.

In summary

I will rather share with you the MISTAKE I made, instead of telling you what’s RIGHT and WRONG.

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