Do what makes you happy

Real exciteing news!
First photography exhibition coming soon on END of APRIL.

Initially, when we first started THE BOURGEOIS LADDER project, each of us was like “OK, LET’S DO IT TOGETHER!” without any intention and happily enjoy the process.

Why I personally think it’s important to do what makes us happy “How I can relate it to this event”:
1. I’m no different from others I will definitely put in my full efforts and the best performance and eventually, I love to do MORE!

2. Fewer complaint or no complaint at all. Trust me, I used to be a complaint guy.

3. The formula is simple, 1 + 2 it generates a result that’s beyond expectation.

In Summary

This is what I learn from the past, I do not hate what I’m doing but it just doesn’t make me happy.
The negativity stack up a mountain when I started to complain so much and not even motivated to put in my best effort, the result? You know it.
My best advice to all creative entrepreneurs out there, GO DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY

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