I’m the winner for MWA2016 – Site of the month March 2016

Little bit story that related to this sharing:
“Before being a professional photographer, I work for a tech company as software engineer.
So, there’s still coding and programming remains in my brain.”

With the knowledge and skill available, I design and create the website by myself.
As a startup, cost and budget definite it’s priority
Celestial Official Website

So long story cut short!

Just being honest, I have no idea WHY and submitted the website to Malaysia Website Awards (MWA) 2016.
It’s blessed that being selected as the winner for the Site of the Month for MARCH.
I attended the award ceremony at WISMA YEAP CHOR EE, George Town, Penang to receive the winner trophy and certificate.

Trust me that trophy it’s really heavey!
MWA 2016 with CEO of exabytes
It’s my pleasure to have a photo with the CEO of Exabytes Malaysia.

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