I did portrait for Entrepreneurs & Business

Q: “HI, I realised most of your portraiture works involved business peoples and entrepreneurs.
Why do you choose this category instead of others?
How did you start?
What are the challenges?

Feel free to check it out on the portraiture artworks

I had picked this topic from the list of input received from TELL US.

Thank you so much to whoever sent in this question and gave me a kick on sharing my personal experience.
“That will be great if you can leave your name next round so that I can credit you.”

Before that, to clarify that I’m definitely happy and open to accept all kinds of portraiture works and not limiting only in one.

WHEN and HOW it started?

To be very honest, I know nothing about entrepreneurship or business knowledge until I became part of BNI, where I had the opportunity connected with different business peoples and entrepreneurs.
That is basically WHEN the ideas and opportunity happen.

Long story cut short, How I did it?
I personally approach every entrepreneurs and business owners and share mine concept and ideas I have to showcase their identity and professionalism to the public.
I knock on door to door until there’s one person to say “YES, let’s do it!”

WHAT are the challenges?

YES, there’s challenges:
1. How to ask the right question and capture the key story
“But I definitely love this process, because that’s how I got inspired from their success story and learning from their experience too.”

2. Next, how can I utilise the environment or resource available to convert it into a visual that compliments the story of the main character
“It’s definitely not just GRAB the CAMERA, CLICK the SHUTTER.”

In Summary

This is from my personal experience, miracle and opportunity will never knock your door if there’s no action. Take massive action!

Feel free to share your experience and success story in the comment below or drop a question that you like me to share with you.

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