Stay home or go networking

This is a sharing from my own experience.

When I first settle down and started my career as a full-time photographer, this is what I thought: “Created a website, registered a facebook page and put up my photography works, DONE! Let’s wait for next customer enquiry.”

I’m pretty sure someone out there able to generate a good result/business from a website and social media. But it doesn’t happen on me and at least I knew it doesn’t work by just only doing that.

Very soon, I discovered that I need to step up and go network by received a call from a stranger who invited me to visit his BNI Chapter.
For the first time, I’m impressed by HOW they build up a strong network and referred business to each other.

Joshua Wong – The trainer of Urban Self Defence & JKD “The Stranger who invited me to BNI”
Check out more of Portrait works by Shanghwan

I do receive such question “WTH does a creative/art person need to go out and network with peoples”
Well, nothing RIGHT or WRONG, this is my point of WHY:
1. You’re giving yourself an opportunity to build a relationship with another person who might be your potential giving you a business or became your power team.

2. You never know who knows who. To meet more new peoples and increase your exposure.
“Not only BNI, but there’s more other platform and channel that allow you for networking and meet new peoples. You can even create your own event to connect with peoples in your industry.” Still better than staying home and wait, isn’t?

3. The opportunity to help others, because helping others = helping yourself.

4. LAST, it’s all about BUSINESS and increases your business.

A fashion project that from the result of team up with my power team

In Summary

It’s your choice, to stay at HOME and wait for the miracle to happen or go out and create your miracle.

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  1. Great sharing!

    Hhmm… i think there is a spelling mistake. u write”WTH does creative…”, i think what u mean is “Why”.
    Heheh…since u bold the wording, it make thinking what it mean by WTH. ( ˘ᵕ˘ )

    Anyway, i like ur sharing, Keep it up!

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