Why Do I Start Sharing

“Power is gain by SHARING knowledge, not hoarding it”
STOP here if you don’t agree with this statement.

When I achieved some things or a goal, I will start looking for “WHAT’s NEXT?” and “HOW CAN I IMPROVE MYSELF BETTER?” This two question sometimes drive me crazy.

So, 2016 I put myself on a mission, I want to be a speaker or trainer to share my knowledge in portrait photography as well experience in building up my career in the creative industry.
Can you imagine a person with stage fright like me, how am I gonna share in front of others. But I knew that definitely need to overcome this fear if I want to achieve this mission.

Before telling you how I overcome, let’s talk about WHY:

1. To guide and help others who struggle to kick-start their creative career

I have been a struggling stage for two years of should I quit the 9 to 5 job and be a full-time professional photographer. It takes me TWO YEARS to made ONE decision and even worst without any experience of running a business.
I can’t say I’m the greatest but those falls and raise I went through definitely able to be a reference for them to get ready and avoid it if possible.

2. Discover the upcoming talent whose potentially work together as a team

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” This statement explain everything, I prefer to go FAR.


Give is not necessary just bad because I GAIN too. Just being honest, increased my visibility and exposure, opportunity to promote my services and skill AND I received more ideas & knowledge from the participant sharing session.

Back to the topic HOW DO I OVERCOME THE FEAR: There’s a friend of mine Kevin Khoo A public speaking trainer, I go to him and be his private student on how to conduct a public speaking and overcome my fear of stage fright. HE DID IT and I MADE IT, I might not be his best student, but I’m getting better now.

Portrait for Kevin Khoo that shot by me

You can check out more of our Portrait works HERE

In summary

“JUST DO IT and MAKE IT HAPPEN” Doesn’t matter it started from small or even there will be somebody laughing “That guy is a FOOL!”

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